How can you help?

There are several ways in which you can help Veer(le)kracht raise money and achieve our goals:

  1. Donate money (click here)


  2. Start your own Campaign!

    Don't give up! Do something to give children with a DMG better opportunities; that is what Veer(le)kracht stands for. Your fundraising campaing will inspire others. Several people have already started initiatives themselves to raise funds for research into better treatments for childhood DMGs. We proudly call them "Veer(le)kracht Inspirers" !

    Want to become a Veer(le)kracht Inspirer too?  Contact us, if you have designed, or want to start your own campaign. Every little bit helps, and we are equally grateful for every action taken. Here you will find an overview of all campaigns that have already been launched for Veer(le)kracht.