About Veerle

Veerle passed away on March 8, 2023, at the age of 13. But who was Veerle?

Veerle was a true bon vivant and had a busy social life. Nothing made her happier than enjoying social gatherings, dinners, or parties with friends and family.

Geheel in stijl heeft ze, een maand eerder dan gepland, haar 13e verjaardag groots gevierd met alle vriendinnen die haar lief waren. Tijdens een stijlvol diner hebben haar beste vriendinnen gespeecht en natuurlijk met Cassis geproost op het leven!

As social as she was, Veerle spent a lot of time with her friends, whether it was to hang out, chat, or go shopping. In addition to being very social, Veerle was also quite sporty. She played hockey with the number 5 on her jersey for the C1 team of her local hockey club and enjoyed skiing, tennis, and swimming as well. She had also been to sailing camp in Friesland a few times, although secretly she was more interested in the social (evening) activities than in the sailing itself.

Veerle was a cheerful, positive, curious, intelligent, funny, entrepreneurial, social, sporty, and strong girl who everyone adored. She lived in Brabant with her parents Hanneke and Jan Willem, her little sister Laurine, and her little brother Hidde. She was in the gymnasium freshman class at a secondary school in Tilburg.

In early 2022, Veerle was diagnosed with a brain tumor (a DMG), which turned out to be very difficult to treat. This heartbreaking diagnosis completely upended Veerle's life, as well as the lives of everyone around her. But what characterized Veerle was that, even during these uncertain and challenging times, she was able to continue enjoying the beautiful things in life with humor and optimism. This resilient attitude of Veerle's is the inspiration behind the name of her foundation: Stichting Veer(le)kracht!