9 november 2023:
Mare, Bente en Manou, ex-classmates of Veerle, collected 90 Euros by selling cookies for Foundation Veer(le)kracht. We're super happy with this; thanks girls!!



2 November 2023
Today, a delegation from the Foundation Veer(le)kracht gave presentations to the 1600 students of 2College Durendael. The Christmas and spring campaigns of this school (which raise money for a good cause) are dedicated to Veer(le)kracht, among other things. Thank you all for the energetic day and your sincere interest. We are looking forward to your campaigns! 


13 October 2023:
To uplift Veerle's family, her friends, cousins, and nieces and nephews Efteling employee Joep Koolen esnsured that they could enjoy a free evening at Efteling as part of the annual "WE as Ambassadors" initiative. A thousand thanks, Joep, and to all your kind colleagues, for an unforgettable evening!


3 October 2023
The Oisterwijkse Petanque Club (PCO) raised a substantial amount for the Veer(le)kracht Foundation during their Thursday afternoon tournament. We are immensely grateful to PCO for this wonderful donation and hope that PCO continues to "keep the ball rolling" for charitable causes!

2 October 2023:
Last Sunday, Roos von Burg ran the Ten Miles of Tilburg for the 2nd year in a row. Just like last year, she ran for Veer(le)kracht and raised a fantastic amount! Thanks again, Roos!

4 September 2023:
With the sun shining over the beautiful Brabant landscape, Team Veer(le)kracht rode Brabants Mooiste yesterday! It was a great day with a fantastic result for the foundation!

29 August 2023:
British Sky News featured a compelling story about Jasmine Freeman, a 7-year-old girl from the UK with an incurable brain tumor. Thanks to all the donors of the Veer(le)kracht Foundation, the brave and lively Jasmine can participate in a trial at the PMC!


27 July 2023:
During the Tilburgse Kermis, in the presence of a delegation from the Municipality of Tilburg, the Veer(le)kracht Foundation received a check for 1200 Euros from Tiny Paashuis Hollandse Gabakskraam! Many thanks!

13 July 2023:
Class 4 of the Van Haestrecht College in Kaatsheuvel organized a pop-up store for Veer(le)kracht, raising a significant amount. Many thanks to all the teachers and students!

19 June 2023:
The Princess Máxima Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Because of this milestone, the Op1 program on July 14th was dedicated to the PMC. Watch the entire episode, including a clear explanation by Dr. Van der Lugt (Veerle's doctor) about brain tumors, via this link. HERE 

5 June 2023:
Veerle's grandfather has written many fairy tales about Kabouter Ker, which Veerle loved. Recently, he wrote a beautiful new fairy tale about this gnome (and Veerle). Over 120 booklets have already been sold!


4 May 2023:
"The sweetest street in Gouda" presented a generous check to Veerle's grandparents. To commemorate her life and continue supporting her mission. Thank you, dear residents of Burgvlietkade-Gravin Jacobastraat! 

Wednesday 8 March 2023:

On the morning of Wednesday, March 8, 2023, as thick snowflakes were falling, our beautiful, kind, strong, and positive Veerle quietly began her final journey at the age of 13.

 In recent weeks, unfortunately, Veerle's condition deteriorated quickly. However, we are grateful that her period of illness was relatively short.

The sorrow of her family, relatives, and loved ones is immense. 
At the same time, pride prevails. In her all-too-short life, Veerle, with her strong and cheerful character, inspired many people. As the founder and inspiration behind the Veer(le)kracht Foundation, she turned her sad fate into something of lasting significance for fellow sufferers. 

Veerle continues to be a significant source of inspiration for us all. In her name and spirit, we continue Veerle's mission with as much "Veerlekracht" as possible. The family is receiving and experiencing a lot of support and will use Veerle's strength to come to terms with this great loss. 

A big thank you goes out to all the staff of the Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, and specifically to Lisethe Meijer, the fantastic doctor who was available day and night for Veerle and her family. Their dedication and professionalism gave Veerle and her family some relief during an incredibly difficult period.

14 February 2023:
Especially for Valentine's Day, this kind young chef sold cookies for Veer(le)kracht for EUR 400! Thank you, Frederique!

9 February 2023:
Ingmar had collected money by collecting empty bottles. As a surprise, he handed over the amount to one of Veerle's cousins. A true Veerlekrachtpatser! Thank you, Ingmar! 

20 January 2023:
The Christmas market of KBS Laurentius primary school in Breda focused on the Veer(le)kracht Foundation this school year. A mega amount was raised through the sale of various items! Many thanks to the school, and especially to all the children who helped! 

12 January 2023
Baby supplies store Liefz in the Elisabeth- TweeSteden Hospital has collected (with their tipping jar) EUR 405 for the Veer(le)kracht Foundation! 

23 December 2022
Veerle on air, live at Missie Radio 538! DJ's Bas Menting and Dylan Boet asked Veerle how it is like, living with a brain tumor that cannot be cured. It was a very candid interview, in which Veerle inspired us once again with her clear and powerful story #proud!

15 December 2022
At the lovely Christmas reception of Brabants Goed, a network community, Veer(le)kracht received a very nice cheque.

12 December 2022
The Veer(le)kracht Foundation was honored to collect a cheque from the Foundation "Wij & de Maatschappij", the charity funds of Nationale Nederlanden. We are grateful for this great sign of support!

8 December 2022
At the initiative of Veerles nephews, money was collected at the Albert Heijn in Gouda (through the recycling of empty bottles) for the Veer(le)kracht Foundation.

6 November 2022
Ernest Dutilh ran the NY Marathon for Veerle and the Veer(le)kracht Foundation. By doing that, he raised a very high amount of money. Thanks so much Ernest!

End of September 2022:
Kei 013 sold many beautiful handmade stones and honey for Veer(le)kracht Foundation. You rock Kei 013 !!

Friday 23 September 2022:
One of the big ticket items at the charity hockey tournament at hockeyclub MHC Berkel Enschot on 26 May of this year, was a private diner of no less than 9 courses (for 10 people), prepared by Topchef Willem-Jan Goosen of Bistro St. Sjaak in Tilburg. It was a lovely night!

Thursday 15 September 2022:
Foundation Veer(le)kracht met with neuro-oncologist Sabine Mueller (photo - center) of PNOC. She elaborated on the Dutch trials that are made possible by Veer(le)kracht. She shared her expectation that the specific trial in which Veerle can possibily participate, will commence in the coming months.

Sunday 4 September 2022:
What a day! In all respects, "Brabants Mooiste" (the cycle tour "Brabants' Most Beautiful") was truly "Brabants' Most Beautiful"! Many thanks to everyone who participated, who cheered us on, and who supported Veer(le)kracht.

Thursday 1 September 2022:
Bouwcenter indeed does know "how it works" ! The Construction Centers associated with "Bouwcenter Nederland" are all Dutch family-owned businessess that have high regard for regional & personal engagement. Together, they have raised a whopping 15.000 EUR for Veer(le)kracht!

Wednesday 31 August 2022:
In Maastricht, Mara, Arianne and Bram opened Cafe 'Ramaceroni', where they sold home made pies, cookies, other pastries, coffee, lemonade and popsicles. All the proceeds went to Veer(le)kracht! 

August 2022:
Wow! These past few months have been crazy! We achieved our first goal in record time: we raised 200.000 EUROS. And we're currently Ii.e per August '22) at EUR 272.000 and counting! Countless people (big and small) have donated, have shared their sweet thoughts, or have supported Veerle and contributed in other ways to the Veer(le)kracht Foundation. This positive attention is heartwarming and gives us so much energy and strength. With the summer vacation coming up, we would like to thank you all (!) for this from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you a thousand times!

Brabants Mooiste
Veer(le)kracht is joining forces with Brabants Mooiste, the annual cycling tour through Brabant. We are represented with a booth at Start/Finish, and we will also get on the bike ourselves with a Team Veer(le)kracht. Please visit our booth and support us! (website)website)

Thursday 21 July ’22:
Veerle's school, the Caeciliaschool, organized a sponsor run and bazaar. Veerle herself opened this event with a fiery & great speech! Ultimately, an unbelievably large amount of money was raised!

Wednesday 20 July '22:
Silver Shoe Tournament at MHC Hoco for Veer(le)kracht!

Sunday 17 July ’22:
What an unbelievable day! The Dutch National Women Field Hockey Team won the World Champhionships. Shortly after the final match, coach Jamilon Mulders explained how the team drew inspiration from Veerle and her Veer(le)kracht (which translates as 'Resilience' or 'Veerlepower')!

Saturday 16 July ’22:
“She does not stop, we don’t stop either!” Coach Jamilon Mulders of the Dutch National Women Field Hockey Team motivates his team prior to the final match by referring to Veerle and her story!

Friday 8 July ’22:
Tom and Jan, cousins of Veerle, organized another campaign for Veer(le)kracht at their school, the Carrousel!

Friday 8 July ’22:
An article was published in the newspaper Brabants Dagblad about how Veerle managed to raise 200.000 EUROS in record time, click this link!

Wednesday 6 July ’22:
Today Veerle handed a check of EUR 200.000 to the PMC; the amount that is required to start the ever-important first trial, which constitutes the first goal of the Foundation!

Saturday 25 June ’22:
Tim and Koen, cousins of Veerle, sold bracelets for Veer(le)kracht, together with their friends!

Thursday 23 June ’22:
Field hockeyteam Breda MC2 campaigning for Veer(le)kracht!

Monday 20 June '22
Veerle personally signed the agreement between the Veer(le)kracht Foundation and the Prinses Maxima Foundation! A wonderful moment, not in the least because the first goal of the Foundation (raising EUR 200.000) was achieved in record time!

Sunday 19 June ’22:
Sophie raised EUR 950 with her own campaign website for Veer(le)kracht!

15 – 18 June ’22:
Campaign for Veer(le)kracht at the Summer Sale of Bowls & Dishes. 

Zaterdag 18 June ’22:
Disco Party for Veer(le)kracht, Arbie’s Beachhouse, Berkel-Enschot.

Saturday 18 June ’22:
At the year end party of the Prinses Julianaschool in Brussels many Veer(le)kracht armbandjes were sold!

Saturday 18 June ’22:
Veerles former field hockey team in Brussels campaigning for Veer(le)kracht!

Saturday 18 June ’22:
Moms in Balance Tilburg organized a sponsor run for Veer(le)kracht!

Friday 17 june ’22:
The ‘Raak Elkaar’ Charity Funds of Van Raak Staal campaigning for Veer(le)kracht!

Tuesday 14 june ’22:
Clinic of MHC Berkel-Enschot Women Team 1

Monday 13 june ’22:
The Aniek Hendriksz – Second to None Foundation campaigning for Veer(le)kracht!

Sunday 12 June ’22:
Team MD1 of MHC Berkel-Enschot washing cars for Veer(le)kracht!

Sunday 12 June ’22:
Former classmates of Veerle organizing a yard sale in Brussels!

Friday 10 June ’22:
Ladies’ Circle de Leest selling wine for Veer(le)kracht and the Taai Foundation (click here for their website)

Collecting bottles for Veer(le)kracht:
Luuk (8 y/o) and Max (7 y/o) collecting empty bottles and beer crates.

LOVE Bracelets:
Frederique (11 y/o) makes handmade LOVE bracelets for Veer(le)kracht, and has sold over 200 pieces already!

Saturday 4 June ’22:
At a tournament of VV Trinitas (Oisterwijk) the team JO9-1 of Jong Brabant raised money for every goal they scored. They scored 23 times!

Bottles for Veer(le)kracht:
Cousin Tom (11 y/o) collects empty bottles at his school.


Local gym campaigning:
At Physique Gym in Moergestel you can buy Veer(le)kracht bracelets or donate money!

Tuesday 31 May ’22:
Heleen of Core Business teaches Yoga classes in exchange for a donation to Veer(le)kracht!

Tuesday 31 May’22:
Pien and Saar Sanders (field hockey champions) visiting Veerle! Pien brought along her golden medal, and gifted Veerle a brand new field hockey stick!

Monday 30 May ’22:
Veer(le)kracht Inspirer Jaap Stuurwold gave a lecture at Blenheim Lawyers, resulting in a generous donation!

Sunday 29 May ’22:
The Breda branch of the Dutch National Round Table, Round Table 21, campaigning for Veer(le)kracht!

Sunday 29 May ’22:
Kans tegen Kanker Foundation en Soccer association Jodan Boys pay tribute to Veer(le)kracht! 

Saturday 28 May ’22:
SCG Gronsveld and CV de Zweitlanceers organized an event/tournament. One of the junior teams donated its prize money to Veer(le)kracht!

Thursday 26 May ’22:
Charity tournament and auction for Veer(le)kracht, MHC Berkel-Enschot.

Thursday 26 May ’22:
The ‘BlackPink’ Sint MiGreaseGestel Team raised money for the charity-tournament at MHC-BE.

Babysitting for Veer(le)kracht
Fedde (13 y/o) donates part of his money earned with babysitting to Veer(le)kracht!

Thursday 26 May ’22 :
Pleun (11 y/o) cycled 136 kms to her grandmother for Veer(le)kracht!

Sunday 22 May ’22 :
Together with her mother and her brother, Roos ran the 'Vestingloop' in Den Bosch for Veer(le)kracht!

Friday 27 April ’22:
Loes, Jet, Roef, Lees, Lila, Juna and Fedde sold toys, lemonade and cookies on Kings Day. Nevine sang. Everything for Veer(le)kracht!

21 juli 2023:

Tijdens de Tilburgse Kermis